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The Specialists in Fertility Financing

CapexMD specializes in providing financing options for fertility patients. Patients who purchase their medications at Barron are eligible to apply for a loan for their medication costs through CapexMD. In addition, financing for fertility treatment is also available to patients who are being treated at participating fertility centers.

Advantages of CapexMD
• Specialists in fertility financing
• Highly competitive rates
• Pre–approval within hours
• Highest level of confidentiality
• No pre–payment penalties
• Personal attention
• Easy & secure on–line application
• Flexible terms
• No annual fees
• Retain your existing credit sources

How to Secure a Medication Loan
1) Complete the secure online application
2) You will receive immediate notification as to the outcome of your application.
3) If approved, select your best loan option.
4) You will receive an email with Loan Documents to sign electronically.
5) Your medication funds will be disbursed to Barron on your behalf.

How to Access a Medication Loan
1) Upon signing your Loan Documents, you will be emailed a Medication Voucher (as a pdf attachment).
2) Advise your physician to fax your prescription to Barron Pharmacy

Fax: (800) 362-7938

3) Activate your Medication Voucher by calling (800) 362-7939.
4) Provide Barron with your voucher details and we will arrange shipping of the medication to your home.
5) After the activation date, you have up to 60 days to acquire your medication from Barron. After that day, any unused funds will be refunded to the person designated as the Borrower on the loan.

More information needed?
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact CapexMD at 1.888.497.8414